About Us

The Association of Filipino Canadian Accountants (AFCA) is a non-profit organization of Filipino accounting professionals based in Toronto with about 1,000 members. The AFCA is affiliated with the National Council of Philippine American Canadian Accountants (NCPACA) and the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA).

Our membership includes designated professional accountants with various accounting bodies in Canada, United States and the Philippines.  Our members are working in various capacities from bookkeepers, professional staff, accountants (CFOs, controllers, accounting managers, etc.), public practitioners, and government auditors/accountants to business owners and corporate executives.

For community service, we are actively involved in the free income tax preparation program of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for seniors, new immigrants, refugees and special income groups.  We provide training to new immigrants on computerized bookkeeping and tax preparation, resume and interview preparation and career counselling.

We also partner with different community organizations for their tabulation requirements, controllership and accounting service requirements. Some of our members are also actively involved with other Filipino-Canadian organizations in their individual capacities especially in the field of finance, accounting and audit.

Mission Statement

The Association of Filipino Canadian Accountants is a non-profit organization committed to the development of its members to attain Canadian standards of competence and professionalism through the conduct of seminars and workshops and the promotion of mutual support among its members and the Filipino-Canadians as a whole.

Historical Highlights

2017  – Hosted the 2nd NCPACA Convention in Toronto

2015  – Held the 4th AFCA Professional Development Convention

2013 – Held the 3rd AFCA Professional Development Convention

2012 – Established AFCA Toronto Facebook Group

2011 – Held the 2nd AFCA Professional Development Convention

2011 – Launched the AFCA Mentoring Program in partnership with the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) and JVS Toronto.

2010 – Inaugural President’s Golf Tournament was held. Held the first QuickBooks, Advanced Excel training and Refresher Course in Accounting and Bookkeeping.

2009 – Held the 1st AFCA Professional Development Convention.

2007 – The AFCA hosted NCPACA Convention held in Toronto.

2006 –  Handed out the first Founders’ Award, the AFCA’s award excellence.

2005 – Solicited corporate sponsorship such as Belle Optical and Adriatic Insurance.

2004 – Awarded the first AFCA scholarship grants and also marked the year when membership topped the 400 mark.

2003 – Established the AFCA Toastmasters Club, in line with the objectives of professional development and continuing education of the members.

2002 – Adopted the ÄFCA Structured Formation” to enhance the service and communication with members. The general membership is divided into 17 groups with an average of 12 to 18 members per group, headed by a group leader. *Issued AFCA pins to the members.

2001 – Amended the Constitution and By-Laws, which was approved by the Executive Council and ratified by the General Membership and took effect January 1, 2002. *Issued Certificate of Attendance for the AFCA sponsored seminars. *Generated and assigned Membership ID numbers to members. *Launched the AFCA Membership ID card for implementation in 2002.

2000 – CGA Ontario extended their advance standing credits to Philippine CPAs who qualified prior to October 1992. *Launched the website: www.afcatoronto.org. *Formed a committee to amend the Constitution and By-Laws. *Solicited corporate sponsorship from CGA, CMA, Becker Conviser and Robert Half.

1999 – Held the first Induction of New Members. *Launched the Scholarship Fund.

1998 – Through persistent lobby for more credits for Philippine-schooled CPAs, the CGA approved the advanced standing credits (transfer credits) for Philippine CPAs who qualified after.

1997 – Raised funds to set up the Training Centre, which is aimed to make the members competitive in today’s market. *Delegates to the Chicago Convention won the bid to host the 1998 NCPACA Convention.

1996 – The AFCA was incorporated and received the Letters Patent from the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relation. *Delegates went to Washington DC to attend the Annual Convention of the NCPACPA and successfully passed a resolution to change its name to National Council of Philippine American Canadian Accountants (NCPACA). Conducted the first Career Option Seminar.

1995 – Changed the name of the newsletter to “SPREADSHEET, *The Auxiliary Committee chaired the Alay Lakad Walkathon, a fundraising activity for Kalayaan.

1994 – Co-chaired the souvenir program committee for the Philippine Independence Day Celebrations in Toronto and actively participated in the Kalayaan festivities.

1992 – The association hosted the NCPACA conference in Toronto with precision and élan, that it became the most attended conference in NCPACA history. *AFCA members grew to 180. Certificate of Membership was issued. *Formally launched the Training Center. *Participated and tied up with the Revenue Canada sponsored free income tax preparation program for special income groups.

1992 – Launched its newsletter, “CALCULATOR”, *Started income tax clinics.

1991 – Hosted the convention of NCPACPA in Toronto.

1989 – Joined the National Council of Philippine American Certified Accountants (NCPACPA).  Lobbied for the name change of National Council to encompass Filipino Canadian Accountants.

1979 – In November, Winston Lim and five other accountants, Ben Agellon, Roger Calabio, Romulo Dizon, Dan Palis, and Ed Sarmiento, officially formed the Association of Filipino Canadian Accountants (AFCA). Winston Lim was elected President and was at the helm for four years.

1978 – A group of six accountants and auditors, mostly employees of Revenue Canada, conceived the idea of forming an organization of Filipino Accountants in Toronto.